This book has been called a “game changer” by many of our readers and we hope it has a similar effect on you, your business, and your life.

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‘The New Entrepreneurz’ is NOW on!

“THE NEW ENTREPRENEURZ” is written by our co-founders Ronen Gafni and Simcha Gluck.

The book helps to develop a fresh entrepreneurial mentality that focuses on working smart, collaboration, leadership and multi-dimensional winning.

It is for those of us who want to be powerful change-makers, but who might still be held back by some outdated thinking patterns and destructive habits.

You’ll learn how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset that will help you play a better game of business and in life … and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

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Who are The New Entrepreneurz?

They are the game changers who can be found playing different games across the spectrum. They are the business owners, the managers, the lawyers, the moms and dads, the lovers, the educators, artists and healers.

Entrepreneurship is no longer just about business; it is the new mindset.

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“If you buy one book this year, buy this one! This is probably one of the best books I have read in recent years. It really shifted my perspective on what entrepreneurship really means.”

Daniel G.

“Ever since my first “FreshBiz” experience I have viewed my business and LIFE differently! This is a must read not just for business people and entrepreneurs but for everyone.”

Leah G.

“When I discovered this book, I immediately knew that it would help shape my school’s outlook on entrepreneurship. Well, we created a FreshBiz game-based curriculum and it is completely transforming the future of our school’s education and our students. Get this book and play the game…it’ll change your life!”

Benny G.

“Wow this is a real treasure! I love the expansive thinking and energizing message.”

Brooks B.

“These guys are changing the world with their authentic and fresh outlook on business innovation and the amazing game they created to put people in “action” as Entrepreneurz.”

Robert M.

“I have one thing to say about this book: It Will Forever Change the Way You Look at the World. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t rethink some of my ‘traditional’ baby-boomer ways of doing business and question if there isn’t a better way. Read this book, stew on it, talk about it, share it. You will absolutely profit from it.”

Sharon F.

“It’s packed with fresh authentic content that resonates and flows.”

Michelle C.

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional, student or teacher…this book is literary medicine! And the FreshBiz game is the perfect game that allows you to actually practice the mindset and methods and uncover a whole new way of doing business. A smarter way.”

Joesph F.

“The New Entrepreneurz is so inspiring that I immediately began following its strategy, and got results straight away. The “Win to the Winth Power” approach absolutely works in reality!!”

Marina M

“I have read every one of the great business books out there, and this one is totally unique. It’s all about the mindset you need to win the game of entrepreneurship.”

Alon S.

“Changing the way you play life is liberating; reading this book made me want to get up right away and take on the world! Ronen and Simcha help you change the way you think about what you have, what you don’t, and set you on a collaborative path to achieving your dreams.”

Leigh B.

“Thoroughly recommended – you’ll never think the same again! “

Tim B.

“This book is a breath of fresh air. The authors just get it! I loved reading and getting to know the journey Ronen and Simcha have traveled. The New Entrepreneurz has all of the ingredients for what makes a book great. This book is inspiring and life-changing. The authors take the reader to new places and challenges one to reassess the world and think in new ways “

Jessica I.

“The New Entrepreneurz is one of the most dynamic, compelling, and practical how-to books in the entrepreneurship business category this decade! I would recommend The New Entrepreneurz to any business executive, employee, or student of business who wishes to evolve WITH conscious capitalism in the 21st Century.”

David H.

“This book energizes you as you read it. It is amazing, mind changing, eye opening, and will turn your way of thinking upside down.”

Simone C.

“Brilliant! Timeless wisdom, present day realities and fun predictions of what’s to come. My new question, after reading this book, is to ask myself and others, “What game are you playing and what does winning look like to you?”

John V.

“This book makes you believe that maybe life really is just an awesome game waiting to be played after all!”

Julio E.

“Rarely do I encounter a book that I want to jump up and yell “YES” on every single page!”

Deborah T.

“Freakin’ awesome book! It’s for sure changed the way my friends and I do business, and it’s brought me a lot of nice business deals too.”

Yirmi V.

“Since reading this book, my whole approach to doing business and creating partnerships has shifted. No joke. It’s given me new tools that have helped me to show up more powerfully in my work, plus I’m clearer and more confident when approaching prospective clients and partners. And this all came from reading a book in a weekend!! Seriously, if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world, wants to discover how to be truly powerful AND wants to start a revolution, you NEED to read this book (and play the game)!”

David B.

“This is the best entrepreneurship book i ever read. In it are some of the most original ideas from an original angle and perspective. It will fill you with the motivation to conquer the world. This book captured me from start to finish and I already feel like I should read it again.”

Akos T.

“This book will change the traditional way you view competition, success, money and life. It captured and inspired me from the very first chapter.”

Alba N.