Own The Most Powerful 
Training Tool Around. 

Give your teams the power to work
on their collaboration, creativity
and productivity in a fun way,
every day! 

Own your FreshBiz experience.

The power of having your own kits of the The FreshBiz game is that now, your teams can play the game multiple times, and keep on reinforcing the skills of Collaboration, Creativity and Multi-Dimensional Thinking.
Just like going to the gym once doesn’t build your muscles, same with your muscle memory and skills. You need to keep on working it.

Of course you can call us in to run a FreshBiz Workshop for your team (and we would love to do it), but what happens after we leave? What usually happens after a training is over? In time, if you don’t continue working the skills, they fade away.
With the FreshBiz Kit, you can keep the momentum going, boost the impact, and amplify results!

The flexibility of the kit allows your team to use it in many different ways, from a full workshop to a quick game during a team meeting; to set the right mindset, generate a brain-storming, or unlock a new solution to sales and marketing.

Each kit includes games and materials for up to 20 participants.

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